Fortescue House Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions (“the Terms”) constitute a legally binding contract between the purchaser ("the Customer") of services from Fortescue House ("the Service Provider").

Ground Hire Agreement

A Ground Hire Agreement ("Agreement") constitutes a legally binding contract between the Customer & the Service Provider for the ground hire of Fortecue House and any other related and agreed service or provision.

The Agreement is specific to a Customer and for the hire of the Grounds to Fortescue House on a specific date & time ("the hire period").

An Agreement does not allow for or include the use or access to the Main House or any other property on the site unless specifically agreed in advance & detailed explicitly on the Agreement.

Any use of the Property or Grounds outside of the Hire Period will be subject to an additional charge on a per day usage.

The Agreement is not transferable between Customers, Dates of Hire and/or Properties.

An Agreement is only valid upon the payment of a deposit in advance and the Ground Hire Fee in full on the specified date. The Ground Hire Fee does not include the cost of time or materials in rectifying any damage that has occured during the hire period.

Where additional costs have been incurred in the service such as damage, these are detailed on a seperate invoice.

Payment Terms, Cancellation, Breach of Contract & Refunds

The Payment Terms are strictly 14 days from the date of an Invoice unless otherwise agreed & stated on the Invoice. Failure to provide payment would constitute a Breach of Contract.

Once a Agreement have been agreed, a period of no less than 30 days would be required for the cancellation of said agreement. In lieu of notice the Hire Cost would still be due in full. In the event of cancellation, any deposit would be forfeit.

The cancellation can be made online or in writing to the Service Provider. The Service Provider will in turn confirm in writing advising of any payments or refunds due & the customer’s account updated accordingly.

The cancellation of any payment including direct debit or standing order is interpreted as a breach of contract.

In the event of a Breach of Contract the Service Provider reserves the right to claim any remaining sums due in full or part together with any further administrative costs & interest at the prevailing rate incurred. In such instances, the Service Provider is under no obligation to provide or resume any services for the Customer.

In the event of a refund due to a Customer, this would normally be processed within 30 days of the agreed refund.

Role & Responsibility of the Customer

It is the role & responsibility of the Customer to return the property and/or grounds at the end of the agreement in the same condition prior to use. It is also the role & responsisbilty of the Customer to report any damages or incidents to the Service Provider.

The customer confirms that in the event of an alarm activation or other event requiring the Service Provider or its elected representative or vendor to attend the site that any costs associated would be reibursed in full by the Customer

Role & Responsibility of the Service Provider

It is the role & responsibility of the Service Provider to provide access and allow the Customer to use of the grounds at Fortescue House on the specified day of hire without hinderance or interference, and to report any damage that has occured to the Customer in a timely manner.

Complaints & Disputes

Any complaints & disputes should in the first instance be addressed or communicated formally to the Service Provider.

In the event of a dispute cannot be resolved, the Service Provider agrees to enter dialogue through third-party mediation.

Third Party

No third party shall have any right under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions.

Clarification of Terms & Conditions

If you have any further queries or require further clarification of the Terms & Conditions regarding the Terms & Conditions please feel free to contact Fortescue House at